At D’Suza Group, we are proud of our reputation as a business which takes its responsibilities to its employees, the environment and the local communities in which we work extremely seriously.

From a focus on health and safety that goes above and beyond the requirements of law to an industry leading environmental strategy – we lead where others follow.

An emphasis on thought leadership extends to our work with local communities and charities, our procurement procedures and our early adoption of equality and diversity policies. It’s all part of our focus on ethical practices which has helped make us a force for good within our industry.

Equality & Diversity
At D’Suza Group we are dedicated to the continued development of our responsibilities of a sustainable and profitable organisation. A vital part of this is the development of a diverse and equal workforce, effective through all levels of the business. We ensure we operate an Equal Opportunities Policy which applies across all aspects of employment including recruitment, training and career progression, and treating staff equally regardless of age, gender, race, religion, beliefs, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, marital status or disability. All employees at D’Suza are highly skilled and passionate about what they do, therefore we provide them with equal opportunities to accomplish their full potential, whilst they are all equally respected and valued.
Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking
D’Suza Group takes a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our own business or in any of our supply chains.
Health & Safety
Health and Safety is critical to our business performance and in defining the culture of the company. At D’Suza Group we recognize that our operations give rise to risk, but believe that we can eliminate, or minimize that risk. In addition to comprehensive training, a behavioral safety program has been introduced, aimed at delivering a step change in performance to achieve outstanding safety results through the development of extraordinary leadership. We continuously strive to safeguard members of the public at all times and achieve zero injuries or harm to our staff and sub-contractors. Furthermore, we believe that everyone at D’Suza has a major part to play in achieving this aim. All incidents and accidents, no matter how minor, are investigated thoroughly. Lessons learnt from these investigations are, and will be, communicated to all of our operatives and sub-contractors. We aim to prevent any such incidents happening again. Safety training, that is appropriate to the role of each individual, is co-ordinated through our dedicated Safety Training Department through CMI Training & Consultancy. All on-site operatives, including sub-contractors, are provided with suitable and sufficient detail relating to the task to be performed and identification of the potential risks and control measures to eliminate, or reduce them. We have a strict policy in relation to the supply and use of appropriate PPE, tools, materials and plant to be able to do their job safely. We are committed to ensuring that our sites are safe. To ensure continuous improvement, Directors and Senior Managers carry out regular safety tours and engage with the workforce and those of our sub-contractors to deliver our commitment and encourage them to make a positive impact every day. Our Safety Incentive Schemes and Operative and Management Safety Forums provide an opportunity to communicate, motivate and engage.

Throughout all of our operations we ensure that environmental considerations are a priority. This can range from our informed decisions about the selection of materials, waste management, transport and noise, dust and vibration monitoring solutions.

Our Environmental Strategy is continuously improving as we learn and develop new sustainable methods for each of our projects.

On all of our projects we ensure we use our resources as efficiently as possible, whilst doing so, we also aim to reuse and recycle materials to minimise waste to landfill. This involves working with our suppliers to ensure we have a mutual agreement of the use of low waste materials and minimalistic packaging.

Good Causes

One of the greatest rewards of our success is that we are able to support many worthy causes.  Over the years we have shown support for numerous charities – both local and national, big and small.

D’Suza employees are not afraid to challenge themselves to achieve incredible things. We have had Cancer Research runners, donations to local and national charities and food bank donations to our local food bank.

Responsible Procurement

We pride ourselves on our equality, ethicality and diversity of range when it comes to the procurement of goods and services. We promote fair and open competition, and the acquisition of goods, services and materials are procured at the best possible cost to meet the needs of our customers.

We operate a strict method of control to establish which suppliers are a suitable addition to our tender lists. We endeavour to only use products that exceed UK and international standards.

Procurement is continually monitored and controlled with internal and external audits. We conclude our operations in a way that helps protect our staff and customers, maintaining a healthy environment.

Stakeholder Relationships

We have ongoing relationships with many stakeholder groups. At D’Suza Group we believe open and honest communication with stakeholders and understanding their opinions is crucial to our future success.

Our strategy involves improving these relationships by focusing on the areas that are important to them, such as the quality of service we provide to customers, the quality of information we provide to local communities around our works and the opportunities we provide to employees to accomplish their full potential.

D’Suza’s diverse range of stakeholders includes:


We gather employee feedback throughout the year through formal and informal channels and use the results to improve our employees’ workplace experience.


We continue to carry out regular customer surveys to gather feedback on the customer experience and focus our efforts on addressing any issues raised.


We engage in feedback sessions with all of our major suppliers, and maintain close communication – both at contract award stage and during contract delivery. To read more about our procurement process, please CLICK HERE.

Local Communities

Our Neighbourhood Liaison team maintain close links with communities at our existing sites, conducting community consultation where required.

We also actively contribute to the local communities in which we live and work through a range of initiatives and providing support to many worthy causes.


D’Suza Group aims to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high quality, cost effective products and services within agreed time frames. This allows us to reward stakeholders for their investment and our employees for their efforts. It also means we can support future operations and company growth and provide a stable and enjoyable workplace for the entire team.

Compliance and improvement is monitored by process measures and internal audits and is maintained by the timely implementation of preventive and corrective actions.

Meeting these standards is the responsibility of the entire team. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to support effective operation within the Group to achieve goals and specific Quality and Environmental Objectives.

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